Who Are We ?

Who Are We ?

Gryffyn Forward Rowing, located in Boulder, Colorado, produces forward rowing components and systems for new and experienced rowers alike.

Thirty years of mechanical engineering experience blended with a passion for the outdoors brought Gryffyn to open it’s doors in 2016.

Our design philosophy exacts the highest performance from the most compact, durable hardware.

Designing a lightweight, strong, intuitive forward rower took over a decade, and more than thirty prototypes. Extensive testing allowed multiple approaches to the design challenges to be explored, tested and improved upon until the Gryffyn finally had it all.

Manufactured in a modern, up-to-date  computer-controlled (CNC) environment, we machine high-strength materials to build equipment which will last a lifetime.

We hope you enjoy rowing forward as much as we’ve enjoy designing and manufacturing your Gryffyn Forward Rower for you!