The System

The  U.S  Patented Gryffyn Rower consists of compact, streamlined gearboxes with oars, a foldable/stowable rigger unit, and a choice of sliding seat or sliding rigger, all mounted on a center rail.  The Gryffyn Rower is adaptable to rowboats, canoes, open-cockpit kayaks, and other types of watercraft. gears

The oars can be stowed while you are underway so that your hands are free for camera, binoculars, clothing, snacks, fishing, etc. This innovative system eliminates constantly checking backwards over your shoulder and wondering just where you’re really headed.

Feathering the oars independently with just two thirds of a normal twist, in whichever direction is preferred, is a patented new and unique capability of the Gryffyn!

GR79 Assembly

Innovative Design Features:

  • Reduced Wrist Rotation™
  • Feathers 85° between hard stops across a full oar swing of 170°
  • Fully Sealed Enclosure – impervious to seawater, sand , mud, and debris
  • Turnkey Operation – no user accessible parts or adjustments
  • Smooth, Streamlined Form FactorGryffyn GR79 Assembly
  • Tool-free assembly for hassle-free installation and removal
  • V-rigger design allows excellent leverage & turning
  • Feathering factory set in either direction of wrist motion (‘normal’ or ‘reverse’)
  • Rapid assembly – under 5 minutes in or out of the boat

Durable Construction Features:

  • Lubricated, hardened gearing, sealed in a fully enclosed gearbox
  • Use of high-strength aluminum alloys & stainless steels
  • Gearbox slides/rotates on close-fitting, Teflon-lined bearings
  • Carbon-fiber oars for maximum strength with minimum weight
  • Assembly weight under 30 pounds (oars + gearboxes + rigger)