We offer the standard GR79 Series Gearbox system for $1495
[PAIR of GR-79 gearboxes]
The Heavy-Duty GR100 Series system is available for $1725
[PAIR of GR-100 gearboxes]












Our GSR1 Sliding Rigger System is available for $1495


System Packages:

GR79 + GSR1: $2990

GR100 + GSR1: $3220


  • Oars of your choice can be modified to fit the Gryffyn system but we need to review their cost and determine exactly what needs to be done to them before committing to a price
    • This modification cost is typically $200 for our cutting, machining, mounting etc. The lead time depends on the availability of the oars
  • Our own sectioned (two-piece outer) oar is under development. Stay tuned.



Typical orders take 5-7 weeks to ship out.

We are at the mercy of our heat treaters, who process our gears and shafts, and our anodizers who process our aluminum and stainless steel parts with their 3-4 week lead times.

All other work is done in-house.

All prices listed on this page are exclusive of any applicable taxes, fees or external costs inherent to the sale.

Prices listed on this page are current as of September 2019 – Prices are subject to change at any time!