GR79 & GR100 Gearbox

The Gryffyn 79 and Gryffyn 100 gearboxes are the heart of the Gryffyn Forward Rowing System.

The Gryffyn System makes the experience of forward rowing easy to set up and simple to experience.

All  your rowing motions are exactly the same as in “normal” rowing. Your hands work in the same way, as do your arms, back and legs. Nothing new here !GR79 Assembly



The Gearboxes, Series 79 and Series 100, are two different sizes sharing the same design and features.

The smaller Series 79 is for normal levels of use and, being lighter, it is easier to set up and carry. The Series 79 also introduces a little bit of flex into each stroke which is easier on the rower’s joints.

The larger 100 series is stiffer for heavier use – heavier boats and more powerful rowing.


The Gryffyn system mounts on many different hulls, from canoes to wherries to open cockpit kayaks.

The complete GR79 Series system, oars and a Gryffyn Sliding Rigger  (GSR1) together weigh around 26 lbs.

Ultimate in transportability: Collapsible Oars

An oar that slips into two short sections can be supplied. In this case the SR1 Sliding Rigger, oars and gearboxes fit into a space less than 48” long – crosswise in the back of most small SUVs. This short size makes it easy to take your Gryffyn system home with you to prevent loss or damage.

Reversible Rotation: which Direction is Right for You?

Traditionally, direction of hand rotation for feathering is  fixed with a solid oar. Previously, a rower had no option on which way to twist to achieve proper feathering.

However with the Gryffyn Series 79  & 100 this is no longer true.

Either clockwise or counter clockwise hand motion for feathering can be set up at the factory. The blade still rotates in the normal direction.

Why would a rower care? For rowers used to “normal” rowing they would probably want the wrist/hand action to be the same as they have trained their mind and body to do.

For persons not set in their ways we have found that “reverse” direction feathering is easier. During the power stroke the hand is more straight and less curled. Which ever twist direction the buyer wants she/he can have.

Note: the rotation is set at the factory and is not field/user-changeable.

Innovative Design Features:


    • Reduced Wrist Rotation™ – 60° of handle twist moves the blades 83°  – Easier on older hands and wrists!
    • Feathers 83° between hard stops – just rotate the inner oar handles until they stop, placing the blades in the correct vertical or horizontal position
    • Gryffyn GR79 AssemblyLarge swing angle – a full oar swing over 175°
    • Fully Sealed Enclosure – impervious to seawater, sand , mud, and debris
    • Solid, hardened gears – provide long life and smooth action
    • Turnkey Operation – no user accessible parts or adjustments
    • Smooth, Streamlined Form Factor – no exposed cables, pulleys, finger-catching cams, etc.
    • Tool-free assembly for hassle-free installation and removal
    • V-rigger design allows excellent leverage & turning
    • Feathering factory set in either direction of wrist motion (‘normal’ or ‘reverse’)
    • Rapid assembly – under 5 minutes in or out of the boat
    • Reasonable weight – 4.2 to 6.2 lbs per gearbox unit.


Download the Product Information Sheet [PDF]




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