The Future of Forward Rowing is Here

Streamlined, compact, lightweight solution for a 21st Century rowing experience.

The Gryffyn Rowing System (GR79 & GR100) combines smooth, quiet operation with compact & easy assembly, light-weight and simple operation for safe, serene and pleasureful rowing. 

Forward Rowing

Safety, Pleasure, Freedom.
See where you are going!

Unique Experience

Increased situational awareness and maneuverability.
Full feathering with Reduced Wrist Rotation™ (RWR) .
Adaptable to many watercraft - kayaks, canoes, wherries and more...

Lightweight, Compact & Streamlined

Engineered for durability, reliability, smooth and quiet operation,
quick setup and simple transport/storage.
Explore the 3D Gryffyn GR79 : click, spin, & zoom !

Full Feathering

Independent and full 83° feathering. Facing forward while feathering is safer, as obstacles can be deftly avoided.

Reduced Wrist Rotation

Patented gearing reduces wrist motion required for full 83° blade rotation to just 60° of wrist movement. Why tire and strain your wrists?

Streamlined Form-Factor

Polished, refined one-piece body with sleek, smooth arms: Nothing to catch on.
No pinch points.

Fully Sealed Enclosure

Impervious to Seawater, Sand Mud and Debris.
Turnkey-operation: No user-accessible parts.